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Paved trails, aka, multi purpose trails, are all over the United States. Places where people can walk, skate, run, and bicycle along with enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Both urban and rural settings. And all in various lengths. But how did paved trails come about? Rail-trails (abandoned railroad corridors converted to paved trails) were the first. The Illinois Prairie Path (IPP) has laid claim to being the first successful “rail-to-trail” conversion in the United States and inspired a national rail-to-trail movement in the country in the mid-1960s. Also in 1998 Florida created the Office of Greenways and Trails, a division of the Florida Department of Enviromental Protection’s Division of Recreation and Parks. Also the OGT oversees the Recreational Trails Program, a federally funded grant program that provides financial assistance to local communities for the development of trails. Since the inception the RTP has assisted 42 counties and communities to establish and expand trails. And remember, as taxpayers, we all pay for these projects.

Important: If you are new to biking on paved trails, be aware that not all trails go through safe areas. Please do a little research beforehand. Google to find info before your visit. Other good resources are peoples blogs over regular websites. Also if you are a member on photo sites (I’m on Flickr) ask questions to people who are posting photos of specific trails. I also get lots of info on bicycle forums and YouTube videos. Taking the time to plan should make your excursions more enjoyable, relaxing, and safer. Good luck.

And now about this website. What started out in 2011 as a camcorder/camera mount for bicycles has evolved into much more. The Trail View Mount name has developed into a pretty extensive Florida Paved Trails information resource that features many photos and videos. By having detailed information and taking the time to plan out trips, visiting new places in cities and towns can help make excursions easier and a lot more fun. Also here you will find bicycle logo products that more unique and original from many others in the marketplace, and only available from Trail View Mount. I hope many find this website very useful in helping paved trail enthusiasts with lots of good info. Thanks for seeing here.

If you’re like me you love getting out and riding your bike whenever you can. I live in Sarasota and enjoy riding paved trails throughout Florida, and hopefully soon plan on venturing out of state. It doesn’t get any better. However when you travel, either for a weekend or longer, imagine if you could have an easy way to record your exciting and memorable excursions. If you do, I have the perfect product for you. The Trail View Mount. A simple and affordable bicycle camcorder-camera mount that’s installs in minutes and is easy to use.

Consisting of only 6 American made parts for a truly practical and simple product. Add it to your bicycle handlebars (motorcycles too) in literally minutes then attach your camera or camcorder and away you go. The main component is the heavy-duty plastic sleeve which weighs just ounces, and is only 2″ high and 1″ wide. The 1/4″ threaded rod is available in both 3″ and 1.5″ high (shown), and is securely attached to the sleeve. Once installed, you are ready to screw on your camera or camcorder. A winged nut on the rod screws tight to the bottom of your camcorder-camera for perfect tightness. It’s that simple. Now you are ready to document your adventures safely and easily.

The Trail View Mount is great for all type riders, but probably geared toward family, recreation, and paved trail riders. Also think of the added security feature this product can bring to people who ride in remote places. That’s real peace of mind. Don’t let your biking adventures stop. Relive them over and over, year after year, with the help of the Trail View Mount. Don’t let your excursions fade away after they are over. Start documenting your memories soon. You’ll be glad you did. If you ever ride late in the evenings or at dusk make sure you pickup one of best led flashlights, the nitecore tm26 review or the fenix ld22 review

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